Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Making a few spring turns.

Quick little report on some spring skiing.  Went up to Kirkwood for my final day of lift served for the season, and bumped into Court.  We were going to take a few laps on the lifts and then perhaps head out for a short hike.  Cool air and strong winds were keeping the mountain pretty firm for early May, but it was still fun times.  That is until we learned that folks with restricted passes, were restricted from the closing weekend.  New rules from the new owners.  No worries.  We put on skins and headed out toward Emigrant Lake and Melissa Corey Peak.  Neither of us had been out there this season, so we figured it was time to slog on out there.  Not as easy a task as when the backside lifts are open and running.  But it was worth the effort to get some nice smooth spring corn.

Court drives his way into the sunnyside of California Chute.

Like Bailey's, it's creamy.

And steep.

This is what happens when you lean your camera out over a cliff to try to get the shot.
Down low the snow was perfect corn.

And all this done with but one ski pole.